Royal Sovereign RCD-3PLUS UV, MG, FL, and Microprint 3-Way Counterfeit Detector – Ultraviolet, Metal Thread, Watermark, Micro Printing, Magnetic Ink MULTI LEV-COUNTERFEIT DETECTION Part# RCD-3PLUS


UV, MG, FL, and MP 4-Way Counterfeit Detector
•Ultraviolet light detects security threads
•Fluorescent light for watermark verification
•Built-in magnifying lens for micro-print verification
•Magnetic sensor detects iron in the ink of currency
•US security thread chart included

The Royal Sovereign RCD-3PLUS 4-Way Counterfeit Detector protects you and your business from accepting counterfeit cash and ID’s. This unit has multi level counterfeit detection. The magnifying glass at the top will make finding micro-printing on bills easy. Check for traces of iron in currency with the included magnetic sensor. UV detection will reveal hidden security threads on bills and hidden holographic images on IDs. The fluorescent light makes for easy viewing of hard to see watermarks.

Ultraviolet (UV) Detection

•Ultraviolet light counterfeit detection allows for verification of security threads on bills and holographic images on IDs
•All authentic US bills are minted with a thin security thread embedded in the fabric
•When viewed under ultraviolet rays, the thread will glow a certain color depending on the bill denomination

Microprint Detection

•The magnifying lens on the top of the unit allows for the verification of microprinting
•Microprinting security marking is the text printed on the security thread of each US bill
•The print will read different texts according to the bill denomination

Watermark Verification

•Watermarks are hidden images embedded within the authentic bill’s fabric that are difficult to see.
•The fluorescent plate will shine light through the bill to reveal a watermark image
•The watermark image will resemble that of the person on the bill

Magnetic Ink Detection

•Magnetic ink detection system allows for easy verification of the iron ink
•Simply rub a bill face down on the detection plate in a fast, back and forth motion
•The magnetic detection will beep and blink green if it detects this magnetic trait in the ink

Includes a US Security Chart Guide
All Royal Sovereign counterfeit detectors comes equipped with a US security chart guide. This guide will help you determine if a US bill is authentic or counterfeit by diagramming the location of the markings present on all genuinely minted US bills.

Product Specification

Model Number RCD-3PLUS
Currency Guide Yes
Ultraviolet Detection Yes
Magnetic Ink Detection Yes
Watermark Detection Yes
Infrared Detection No
Magnifying Lens Yes
Sleep Mode No
Warranty 1 Year
Voltage 110V/60Hz
Consumption (Watts) 4.0
Unit Height (in.) 4.5
Unit Depth (in.) 3.8
Unit Width (in.) 7.3
Unit Weight (lbs.) 1.2
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