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Printer Technical Support – Free to Ink and Toner customers.

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Printer Technical Support – Free to Ink and Toner customers.

How We Got Started.

posGtech, Inc. was founded by Tosha Jones and Troy Jones in 2015. We sell retail customers supplies they need to check out their customers. But, more than just thatWe’re a first line tech support for our customers. With over 20 years experience trouble shooting printers, we often assist an end user in troubleshooting their printers and fixing issue(s) without the need of hold/wait times from the MIS Dept, IT Dept and/or Data Center. We also help our customers ensure theyre purchasing the correct products. Ink, Toner Maintenance Kit’s, Imaging Drum Kits, Fuser Kits, Waste Toner, Transfer Roll, Charge Roll, Pick Up Roll, Separation Roll & many other printer specific supplies and products for their specific printer(s). We publish printer fixes on our Facebook page for quick reference on what’s worked in the past. Our customers have found this to be extremely helpful! Were known to our customers as a company which practices old school customer service & old school respect!  


Here are some suggestions to trouble shoot your Dell printers.

Dell service tag lookup.
Are you having issues with your Dell printer?
Look up your printers original ship date and warranty on your Dell printer.
Here is the service tag look link 

How to print settings / network pages on Dell printers.
At your printer touch screen press down on settings and press Ok>Reports> Menu settings or Network report depending on your printer.
Here is the link to lookup Print Settings Pages on All Dell Laser Printers.

How to Log Into the EWS (Embedded Web Server) using the Default Username and Password on All Dell Laser Printer Model.
If your printer is connected to a network you can access the EWS using the printers IP address.
Your printers IP address can be found on your print settings or network settings pages.
Here is the link to log Into the EWS (Embedded Web Server).











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