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Cash Management Products – Same Day Shipping!
Save time and money by using a bill counter to quickly and accurately count your money. Ideal for restaurants, gas stations, and many small business applications. Bill counters are optimal for light or heavy-duty use, allowing for a broader range of cash management needs.

Royal Sovereign Electric Coin Sorter, Patented Anti-Jam Technology, 1 Row of Coin Sorting (CO-1000) – Patented Anti-Jam Technology, 1 Row of Coin Sorting COIN PER MIN W/ ANTIJAM FEATURE

Part# QS-1AC
Royal Sovereign 1 row coin sorter 156 coins/min with anti jam technology – QS1AC-Coin Sorter- 1 Row Sort-Overflow Tray-200 Coin Hopper-156 coins/min SORTS 156 COINS PER MINUTE

Royal Sovereign RCD-3PLUS UV, MG, FL, and Microprint 3-Way Counterfeit Detector – Ultraviolet, Metal Thread, Watermark, Micro Printing, Magnetic Ink MULTI LEV-COUNTERFEIT DETECTION

Cash Handling

Turnkey Point Of Sale packages from starter, advanced to platinum.

All our packages include the following, depending on the chosen package.

Inventory Control

Manage Customers

Manage Employees

Manage Expenses

Manage Advertising

Manage Reports

Manage Company emails

Manage Contracts

Manage Company goals.

Manage human resources

Manage all aspects of your retail company.


We will build a specific retail solution, for your specific retail business, and your specific customers & systems. We will add to your existing point of sale or we can offer turnkey installation.

Control your retail business at the point of sale.

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