4 Row Electric Coin Counter with Auto Row Advance, Value Count Display, and Optional Printer Attachement
•  Attachable printer option for coin count record keeping
•  Sorts 312 coins per minute
•  Coin hopper holds 800 coins at a time
•  Anti-jam technology for continuous use
•  Counts and displays dollar value
•  Auto row advance for hands free operation
•  RTP-1 printer attachment sold separately

The Royal Sovereign FS-44P Automatic 4 Row Digital Coin Counter is a quick and accurate coin sorting and counting system ideal for homes, businesses, and organizations.  The FS-44P features an attachable thermal printer option that will print out a receipt of your coin dollar value count so you can produce a record document.  It can sort 312 coins per minute and can hold up to 800 coins at a time.  Enjoy the convenient, hands-free operational feature of automatic row advancement, which replaces filled-to-capacity coin tubes with the next line of empty coin tubes.  Anti-jam technology automatically detects jammed coins and adjusts the motor to clear obstructions.  The LCD display shows the number value and dollar value of each individual coin denomination (pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters) as well as the sum total.


Fast, Accurate, and Convenient Operation

• Counts and sorts 312 coins per minute.
• Anti-jam technology automatically detects and clears jammed coins.
• Precise Internal Sorting Design ensures accurate sorting and counting.
• Removable top cover for manual removal of foreign objects such as paper clips, gum wrappers, lint, receipts, and even foreign currency.
• Coin Chute guides coins directly into tubes, eliminating coin spillage.

Attachable Thermal Printer

• RTP-1 attachable thermal printer option available on the FS-44P.
• Conveniently print out your coin count value on a receipt size document.

Hands-free Operation

• Automatic Row Advancement replaces filled-to-capacity coin tubes with the next row of empty coin tubes.  Once the FS-44P detects a tube is filled to-capacity, the sorting will stop, the next row of empty tubes will advance forward, and the FS-44P will continue to sort.
• Coin hopper holds up to 800 coins, allowing a large amount of coins to be sorted at a time before replenishing the hopper.

Go Straight to Coin Wrapping and Rolling

• Preformed coin wrappers conveniently slide and fit into coin tubes, allowing an easy transition to coin wrapping and rolling.
• Plastic coin tubes are removable, making it easy to pull out coin-filled wrappers to be rolled and crimped.

One(1) Coin Tube Capacity

Coin Denomination Quantity Dollar Amount
Pennies 50 $0.50
Nickels 40 $2.00
Dimes 50 $5.00
Quarters 40 $10.00

Counts for You

• The digital display shows the number value or the dollar value of each coin denomination (pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters) as well as the total sum of all coins counted and sorted.

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